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Meet Our Partners

Together, these are the business owners and leaders we contracted with to build Circles. They are beautiful, human, kind, creative, and courageous. They represent communities that identify as Black, White, Immigrant, Argentinian, Asian, LatinX, African, LGBTQIA, and individuals with special needs.

They speak over 6 languages and most importantly they speak the language of love and interconnection. We take great pride in being intentional about how we do business. We work in a way that builds multi-ethnic communities of partners with a priority towards businesses owned by people who have been historically marginalized. Thanks for helping us be catalysts for a more human world. What you see here is the kind of “community” we intend to see in the world.



Catalyst Facilitator, Musician, Soul Singer

Tara Hammons

Tara Hammons

Catalyst Facilitator, Foundational Champion and Opportunity Maven

Space for creative journals and pencils

Place for beautiful fountain pens

Inspiring t-shirts

The movement building and amazingly fun workout

Tony Tognarelli

Artisan cooking

Delicious coffee and food

Eye-catching photos

Refreshing kombucha

Craft lattes that evoke positivity

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